• Salovi Event Management

    We bring experience and creativity together to deliver events that surpass expectations through the integrated use of our team’s unique set of skills. We operate with integrity, energy and attention to detail.

    From creative conceptualization, venue selection, logistics management, event production to seamless execution, the Salovi team brings to you a one-stop solution for your event requirement. In Partnership with our Clients The Salovi Team puts forth out-of-the-box marketing solutions. We partner with the best of suppliers, entertainers and sub contractors to ensure a rewarding event.

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  • About Us

    Since establishing Salovi Event Management , The Salovi team has organised a wide and varied range of events – product launch, birthday parties, Weddings, Corporate events etc. We are a company that manages an event to achieve a stated goal as determined by the client. We will come up with ideas, develop a critical path, write a budget for an event, seek sponsorship and provide a series of experts in various fields of entertainment, education, design, strategic planning, food & beverage, presentation and copy writing, or any other service that is required.

    Salovi Event Management works with individuals and companies or as part of a committee. We are happy to act as sole organiser or become part of the steering team. We can provide all of the ideas or become another resource in a brainstorming team. In all cases we undertake the responsibility and management of the day to day minutiae that go into organising any event.

    Our Goals

    - Client Satisfaction
    - Quality Services
    - Customer Support

  • Our Services


    Conferences & Seminars

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    Product Launch

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    Annual Day

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    Road Shows & Promotions

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    Birthday Parties

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    Inaugural Ceremonies

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    Event Websites

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  • Our Location

    7th main, 2nd Stage BTM Layout, NS Palya,Bangalore - 560076

    Phone Numbers:

    Deepak Devaiah:    9964 382 390
    Lohith:9663 266 639
    Vineeth:9902 353 545
    E-mail: info@salovievents.com

    Contact Form

  • Product Launch & Inaugurations

    Brand & Product Launches are challenging and require significant event planning and strategy to ensure success. We are experienced in ensuring that your product launch builds your company’s reputation and enhances your bottom line. We work in partnership with you and your Sales team to meticulously plan and research the event, designing imaginative & innovative solutions to capitalise opportunities and optimise results.

    Both pre- and post-event, Salovi Events make use of all possible channels to support the impact of your Product Launch including social networking, live, internet and more traditional means. We aim to provide an encompassing Event Management solution to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right way.

    Our product launches deliver impact and retention. And the return on investment is measurable. We can also use our talent in Incentive & Reward Programme event management, to retain event participants’ interest and loyalty

  • Road Shows & Promotions

    A robust promotions can be a key to a create interest in a product. The Salovi team are experts in planning and executing the right idea required for the promotion. We handle choosing the location, the times, the permissions required to go ahead with the promotion. Such as in malls, specific roads etc.

  • Event Websites

    We also have a skilled technical team of web designers and developers who are very creative and get your event website customised to your needs. The website will be designed to the showcase the events objective to arise interests in your events.

    A suitable logo for the event will be designed and the same will be used for promotions,publicity and the website. Content for the website will also be done by the team at Salovi keeping the events goal and intention of the event in mind.

  • Conferences,Conventions & Seminars

    To get Conferences, Conventions & Seminars are very important as it involves managing huge crowds that will be coming in. We are exceptionally detailed in our planning process and supplier management – and used to working to tight budget controls.

    Events are planned to extract opportunities with every window available by creating an impressions on the clients or stakeholders in the events. We are always looking better ways to connect to the stakeholders to convey your message to them at the conference, Conventions & Services.

    We have extensive knowledge of available conference facilities and hotel meeting rooms in Bangalore,Which gives us an edge

    Our services for this include

    • Pre-event marketing and communications.
    • Delegate invitation, registration and follow up.
    • Venue recommendation, booking and management.
    • Audio visual design, production and support.
    • Cosmetic Treatment.
    • Themeing and Entertainment.
    • Budget management and reporting.
    • Post event feedback collection and analysis.

  • Birthday Parties, Anniversary, Annual Days, Entertainment

    As a truly independent Event Management Company and professional Party Organiser agency, we can source all of the elements required for your party – from exceptional venues in and around Bangalore.

    We handle all aspects of a Party, including venue sourcing, licensing or local authority requirements, transport, catering, entertainment, security, audio-visual, theming, accommodation, invitations and guest management pre-event.

    As the Party Organisers we can work with you to generate the excitement and camaraderie that makes these events so special.

    Our Scope Includes

    • Complete Wedding or Party Planning
    • Invitation
    • Venue Coordination
    • Decoration
    • Stall Games
    • Musicians and Bands
    • Gifts and Takeaways
    • Sound & Lights
    • Entertainment